Big Boss Contestant Asim Riaz is making Hollywood Go Crazyyy!

Anchal Shukla

Wow!Wow If you have not been living under a rock these last four months, you must be probably knowing about whole Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz debacle on India’s most popular show Big Boss.

Well, turns out all that aggression as fights has kept everybody informed about them. While Siddharth Shukla is Desi celebs sweetheart with likes of Kamya, Vindu Dara Singh and Vikas going left, right and centre supporting him.
Asim Riaz, the model by profession, has found his fan base in Hollywood.

We all remember those Instagram shares by John Cena. He has shared two pictures of Asim Riaz so far.
This one

And this one,

Asim fans were not done rejoicing on this John Cena act yet and now, popular movie franchise “The Fast And Furious” has mentioned the name of Twitter handle of Asim Riaz’s fanbase in its upcoming trailer and has made the Twitterverse go crazy.

Asim fans are on top of the world right now and Siddharth fans are notifying that seemingly Fast and Furious team responds to every person who uses their special hashtag and keep them updated about the movie.

We are not taking sides but with finale so near this could draw a huge number of votes for the said contestant.

What are your views on this freshly brewed drama? Who has been your favourite contestant this season?

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