Shehnaaz Gill And Siddharth Shukla Made Their Love Instagram Official

Anchal Shukla

The most popular season of  biggest reality show, “Big Boss” might have ended couple of days back but it’s fever is not going to die anytime soon.

Twitterverse  is still keeping the trends alive and everyone is in a legit hangover mode. We want to know MORE!

We want to know if Mahira is letting Paras out of friend zone or not? We want to know if Asim and Himanshi are really in love or not?
We want to know if Arti is joining a political party for the sake of taking any stand? We want to know this and that.

Well, we might not have answers to all your queries but we do have a very interesting thing to share about Siddharth and Shehnaaz.

Image Source: Google Images

The adorable duo was in off and on relationship through out the show and kept audience guessing about how this vivacious love story is going to end in real life.

While Shehnaaz has been really vocal about her feelings for Siddharth. Siddharth kept a mysterious silence while leading the lady on.

But now it seems that two of them has low key showed the world that they are really into each other.

These are screenshots of their Instagram accounts and national sweethearts are not bothered to follow any other contestant from the show, but each other.

Siddharth’s Instagram Account

Image Source: Siddharth Shukla’s Instagram Account

Shehnaaz’s Instagram Account

While Shehnaaz is a generous little soul and has followed Salman Khan, the host of the show, Siddharth is disinterested in pressing the follow button for even the Megastar.

Seems, he has eyes only for Shehnaaz and has not followed even Arti Singh or Shefali Zariwala, with whom he shared a warm rapport. We see a follow for his long time friend, Vikas, but that connection was not formed on the show. Interesting!

Hmm.. in today’s day and age where relationships thrive on social media, should we take this bold and affectionate  step as relationship confirmation? Or are we reading too much in between the lines? Wishing it’s the former one though.

Let us wait and let time run it’s course and soon we might have an answer. Once we have it, we will be the first to share it with y’all. Till then, let us know what is your perspective on all this?


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